Tayla Broekman

Melbourne based artist and illustrator

New commission. It’s gonna be a panel made of two pieces.It’s a kind of thai-like scene, or oriental at least.The finished piece will be in Gouache, watercolour and ink, most likely.
Bit of a rough one. Just want to get it out there before I decide to neglect it
Just another self portrait. I’ve been having urges to draw myself..
Another kind of card. He’s just a little birthday otter :3That’s my initials down the bottom.Hmm I’d like to get my digital colouring skills up again. I’ve done some good stuff but these days I really just use it when I’m being lazy.

'Latest Project'

By the way people, I may not be posting directly onto your walls, but I am posting on my new Tumblr page called Latest Projectwhich you can find in the links on my Tumblr page.

This is a card I made for someone’s birthday. I drew it without that intention but later on decided to turn it into something. She also just came back from Japan so I gave it a little japanese post card theme. The text says ‘birthday traveller’.. as far as I’m aware. 

Photos of me in my studio at school

Just a little thank you card for some of my boyfriend’s family in England. We’re going there in a few weeks so I can meet them :D I’ll be staying at their houses so I thought I’d make something for them. Not to mention his dad paid for my flight to France too… I hope they don’t see this before I get there.This is meant to be me. This whole picture is a bit Loish like, guess I’ve been following her for years now.I would have liked to refine it more, but with school and other things I don’t want to put too much time into this card.

Latest Padestrian TV article on Tayla's collaborative mural

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