Tayla Broekman

Melbourne based artist and illustrator

Photos of me in my studio at school

This was for an self portrait assignment I did for school a few years ago. Looking through the photo from this shoot, most of them suck.I do love being covered in mud though. I’m glad this concept still rings true for me now.
Just a little thank you card for some of my boyfriend’s family in England. We’re going there in a few weeks so I can meet them :D I’ll be staying at their houses so I thought I’d make something for them. Not to mention his dad paid for my flight to France too… I hope they don’t see this before I get there.This is meant to be me. This whole picture is a bit Loish like, guess I’ve been following her for years now.I would have liked to refine it more, but with school and other things I don’t want to put too much time into this card.

Latest Padestrian TV article on Tayla's collaborative mural

defcreations asked: You made radar!

Oh man that’s so cool! How do you know that? Did you see something?

Actually I noticed I have like 480 followers now :o
Latest commission, influenced by Edmund Dulac.Watercolour, gouache and indian ink.
I was just watching a video of Loish doing a portrait and it inspired me to draw one. I also like how artists have self portraits as their facebook photo etc. I really wanted to capture me in time too, while I’ve got my blonde chelsea cut. I’d really like to work on my colour picking and colouring technique. I lov how Loish blends her colours still doing a lot of line and hatching. Mines a bit too sever I think. 

A card I made for my boyfriend’s birthday. Every time I look at it I make a stupid noise at how cute it is. It’s miniature versions of us.
I gave it to him when we were camping so it got a bit dirty and bent :\

Melbourne Polytechnic has invited me to be a part of creating a mural for the new campus in Prahran. Starting the collaboration process with excellent artists Shamus Lu and DEAMS. We were lucky enough to visit DEAMS’ studio to brainstorm and check out his most recent work. I’m very excited to be a part of this.

Here’s a link to Pedestrian Tv’s article on the story


Hanging with ShamusLu at his studio. Getting ready for collaboration times!