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Here’s my Gouache version of energy girl!
Guess I’m gonna post this here too! I’d like to post mainly finished works, this is really just a rough exercise.

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Ay y’all, look at the stuff Ive’ been doing this year and not sharing directly on my Tumblr..

And finally here’s my Gouache painted Shamanic Feline that I had in the 100 Cats exhibition at Off the Kerb.

Just a thang.I think I need to lower my standards on Tumblr so I can put more work up.
Just doing a colour rough for my traditional version. So don’t know what to do with the background lol
I realised with my green girl painting that it might have been a mistake to upload the digital version and the traditional version, on my ‘latest project’ page. I think the digital one kind of takes away from the Gouache one, because the colours are so much stronger. And I’m sure the same will happen with this one. But people want hand painted shit, and as part of my course I want to do traditional works too.
Anyway, so here’s this thing.

ithritin-lth said: Oh my goodness, that last post <3 In love!! Hi by the way, I'm Shani's brother Avsky. Been following you for a while, your work is absolutely amaaaazing!

Hey thanks! And woah really? You’re him? I’m totally using your pen tablet right now.
Wow you’re work is intense man. So detailed and you’re really good at faces :D
You don’t look like Shani. I guess she’s a girl.

This is a piece I&#8217;m making for an exhibition at Off the Kerb Gallery. It&#8217;s all about cats. I might add some more stuff when I get to painting it, probably in Gouache. The only thing with Gouache is it takes away my line work -.- JAW Cooper is pretty good at keeping her line work. Not sure how. Maybe she does thin layers of Gouache.
This was influenced by an artist named Brom.
New commission. It&#8217;s gonna be a panel made of two pieces.It&#8217;s a kind of thai-like scene, or oriental at least.The finished piece will be in Gouache, watercolour and ink, most likely.
Bit of a rough one. Just want to get it out there before I decide to neglect it